Monday, September 22, 2008

Google Maps Helping the Environment

UNEP: Atlas of Our Changing World

This Google Maps mash-up from the United Nations Environment Programme showcases 187 sites around the world where humans are having an adverse effect on the environment. The primary focus of the map is on environmental trends over the last 30 years.

The map uses illustrations, satellite images and ground photographs to highlight the impact of humanity on the planet.

Via: Google LatLong

Green Map
Green Map map
Green Map Systems are attempting to organise a diverse global movement of local map making teams who are charting their community's natural, cultural and green living resources. Green Maps are created by local map teams in over 50 countries.

Green Map hosts a meta-map plotting all the local maps on one Google Map. The local projects are tagged on the map with an appropriate leaf shaped marker. The tags contain links to the websites of the local green projects.

Climate Atlas

Climate Atlas hosts a large number of interactive maps demonstrating the effects and the projected effects of climate change. Here are just two of the maps. Visit the site to see many more.

Global Climate Data Information Map
This map is not plotting global warming but it can tell you the current climate in any country in the world.

To check the climate data of a particular country the user drags a marker over the country on the map. Then the map returns a calendar showing the precipitation, temperature and wind speed in the country for each month of the year.


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