Thursday, September 04, 2008

The NFL on Google Maps

With the NFL season set to begin today it seems an opportune time to provide a round-up of some of the American Football Google Maps mash-ups available.

EarthSwoop (Dead Link Removed)
screen shot of EarthSwoop
EarthSwoop also lets you view all the NFL stadiums in 3D using the Google Earth browser.

Schmap NFL Widget
This customizable Schmap NFL Widget can be embedded in a website or blog. The widget displays a Google Map showing all the teams. Clicking on a team on the map will give you the updated results, stats and schedule of the chosen team.

NFL TV Distribution Maps

The NFL TV distribution maps tell you which football games are going to be broadcast in which parts of the country. This Google Map application lets you quickly see if you're actually going to get to watch the game you want on Sunday.


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WNYmathGuy said...

I did a Time Zone and Stadium map for all the NFL teams.