Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Travelzoo - Deals Near You

travelzoo map
Travelzoo, a site that aggregates cheap travel offers, has today announced a new Google Map mash-up to allow customers to find cheap travel deals. The new search tool, called 'Deals Near You', is designed to help travellers find relevant travel deals near a specific location. It is also possible to use the map to find show and event deals near your chosen location.

To use the map you first use the 'change location or range option' to set the area you wish to search. It is then possible to refine your search options by choosing one or more of 'events' 'cruises' of 'hotels'. Travelzoo then tags your results on a Google Map and provides a useful list of the search results under the map.

Clicking on the tagged results opens an information window that contains a brief description of the deal, the price and a link to the offer's main page on the Travelzoo site.

The site is very useful in finding cheap deals for shows and events near your home. Or if you are planning to visit another city it is a great way to find cheap hotels in a specified area.


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