Friday, September 05, 2008

Google Maps Friday Fun (Part 2)

100 years to Lenin
screen shot of Google Maps
It seems that 38 years ago in 1970 some Russian woodcutters decided to create a large tribute to Lenin to mark the centenary of the Communist leader's birth. The tribute can clearly be seen in Google Maps, each letter is nearly 8 meters high and the message stretches for about 600 metres.

Via: English Russia

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Anonymous said...

nice link :)
I've read the news this week and found out that
the message itself and its letters are 38 years old trees planted in 1970! So there were no woodcutters and not a single pine was harmed:)
The guy (yes, they found him) also made another message in this area "USSR 60 years" or in Russian
= CCCP 60 ЛET = This message shoud be now only 26 years old (from 1982) and I couldn't spot it close enough to the centenary message (the pictures in this area are not in high def).

My wife said Wow! when she saw this message in GE :) She's also 38.

Best regards from Moscow, RF