Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Swiss Army Knife of Google Maps

Sakmap map
SakMap calls itself 'the Swiss army knife of Maps'. This is a pretty good description as SakMap seems to contain an infinite number of tools and it fits neatly in your pocket (or it would do if they released a mobile phone version).

First-up, SakMap is a handy reverse geocoder. On first visiting the site the user is presented with a single marker on a Google Map. It is possible to drag the marker anywhere on the map and get the address for that location (US only). The user can then view overlays for the zip code area for that address or the county boundary.

That is just the start of the information available from SakMap. It is also possible to view the weather at your chosen location, view the location on Virtual Earth and query Yahoo GeoPlanet for nearby places. And if that is not enough, you can also open a Google search for your location, open Google News, view Flickr photos of the location, read the Wikipedia article about the location, view videos and retrieve census information.

Via: Programmable Web

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