Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brazilian Google Maps Mash-Up Roundup (9/09)

acheibr screen shot
Acheibr is a Portuguese language Google Maps mash-up of Brazilian places in the US. The site tags Brazilian restaurants and other Brazilian businesses operating in the US.

It is possible to search the businesses by location and category. The results of a search are tagged on a Google Map and listed in a sidebar.


Apparently there are quite a few ghosts in Sao Paolo. Luckily Bogomaps has created this map of all the haunted places.

maparadar screen shot
This Google Maps mash-up has geo-tagged over 2000 traffic radars in Brazil. The radars are tagged on the map with markers that display the speed restriction at that location or a set of traffic signals if the radar is located at a junction.

The Instituto de Pesquisas e Projetos Sociais e Tecnológicos
IPSO have produced a number of Google Maps mash-ups:
  • Mapa Dos Pontos De Cultura
  • This map of cultural hotspots in Brazil has many search options. Each tagged marker comes with a lot of information (many with rich content, such as photos, audio and videos). It is also possible to export the search results to CSV and to Google Earth.
  • ONID - Observatório Nacional de Inclusão Digital
  • This mash-up is a map of telecenters in Brazil.
  • Mapa das Rádios Comunitárias
  • This map is a mash-up showing the location of community radios stations in Brazil.
  • Mapa GLBT
  • Mapa GLBT is a map of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transexual associations in Brazil.

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