Thursday, September 11, 2008

Trips and Places on Google Maps

Tripsay map
TripSay is a new travel website built around Google Maps that allows users to share their travel experiences and connect with their travelling friends to exchange insider tips. The site presents information to users based on their personal preferences and interests and the tips shown to each user consists of the things recommended by their friends and other people who share their passions.

It is possible to search the submitted places by choosing from a range of options, such as beaches, restaurants, bars, sights etc. Recommendations for your chosen option are then shown on a Google Map. Clicking on one of the tagged places opens an information window with a review of the place and the average rating given it by users. is a Google Maps mash-up of hotel video reviews. The site offers unique, individual, video reviews of hotels at the same time as showing the hotel's location on a Google Map. Each of the videos are made from a consumer's point of view.

Film-makers can upload their own hotel videos to the site and share in any commission from bookings. Here is being reviewed by KTLA:

Via: Mapperz

Mapicurious allows users to create their own maps of interesting points and share their created maps with others. It is possible to map points of interest by RSS, vCard and links and to explore other users' created maps. It is even possible to integrate your created map with your blog or web site or GPS.

Mapicurious were the runners up at the WHERE Developer Contest.


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Anonymous said...

The more good mapping websites the better, particularly any that further improve hotel reviews though I'm a technophope who can barely work a camera, nevermind a videocamera.