Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Reordering of Desinations is Back!

The Good News
screenshot of google driving directions
When Google Maps underwent its redesign last month Google driving directions lost some functionality. Before the redesign you could drag and drop destinations in the left panel when getting directions to multiple locations, after the redesign you couldn't.

This move was hugely unpopular so Google have now reinstated the ability to drag and drop destinations. When you scroll over the green circles you can click and drag locations to rearrange them. Driving times between segments of a multi-way trip are also being displayed again.

The Bad News

The Google Earth browser plug-in does not work with Google's new Chrome browser. Although I hear that Google "will soon release an updated version that does."

Via: Mapperz


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Anonymous said...

Zoom in a Google Street View Scene using your mouse wheel also doesn't work in Chrome....