Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Singapore Grand Prix on Google Maps

Earth@Sg Singapore Grand Prix Track

Earth@Sg have produced an amazing Google Earth browser tour of the Singapore Grand Prix race track. The Grand Prix is set to get under way tomorrow (the actual race is on Sunday) so you can familiarise yourself with the track before all the action starts.

Earth@SG have created 3D models not only of the race track and the surrounding buildings but have included superb details such as 3D trees. The site also includes a number of fly-to visits to some of Singapore's more significant buildings, including informative articles from Wikipedia.

Turn 18 (pictured above) takes the track straight under Marina Bay Floating Stadium Stands. The best seats are the ones just above the track with an amazing view of the cars shooting past underneath. If you wish to check out turn 18 and the rest of the track you will need to have the Google Earth browser plug-in and be using Windows. You can also view the track in Google Earth - the Google Earth Blog has a link to the Google Earth file.

Via: Google Earth Blog


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