Tuesday, September 23, 2008

US Google Maps Mashup Round-Up (9/08)

habitatmap screen shot
HabitatMap is a new community mapping and social networking platform built on Google Maps. HabitatMap helps communities to organise and create campaigns for liveable cities and healthy communities.

Users are able to create Google Maps that will help them share neighbourhood information, organise events and actions, and recruit supporters to their cause. For example, the Newtown Creek Alliance, an organisation dedicated to restoring community health, water quality, habitat, access, and vibrant water-dependent commerce along Newtown Creek, have assembled several thematic maps in support of their work.

Trapster is a Google Map that shows the location of speed traps. Anyone can report the location of a speed trap by mobile phone. Other user's phones will alert them as they approach the trap.

Here is Trapster being reviewed on NBC TechNow:


The National Forensic Science and Technology Center with the National Institute for Justice (NIJ), have added a map mash-up and locator to the Find-the-Missing.org web site. The map includes several types of spatial searches, including search by address, point, and even route.

Using the map it is possible to find the address of all Law Enforcement Agencies and Medical Examiners and Coroners in the US.

screen shot of doctor.com
This Google Map mash-up aims to help people find local doctors who accept their health insurance in the fastest and easiest way possible. Google Maps is used as the primary display of search results.

To find a doctor users need to define a location, the health specialism they need and their health insurance provider. The results are then tagged on the map. It is possible to expand/collapse the map and “jump” to a specific doctor by clicking “View on map” in the list of search results that loads below the map.

Doctor.com uses geo-targeting to automatically detect where a visitor is coming from so the search results that are initially shown should be relevant.

Uninsured in America
Shows the number of Americans without insurance cover in each of the 51 US states. This Google Map has tagged each state. Clicking on one of the states reveals the population and the percentage of the population of that state without health insurance. The map is also available as a Google Gadget.

Apartments Atlanta
Apartments Atlanta provides a Google Map geo-tagging apartments currently available in Atlanta, Georgia.

Las Vegas Realty lists property available in Las Vegas. Each property comes with a link to view its location on Google Maps.

Phoenix Homes
Phoenix Homes provides a Google Map to find homes for sale within the metro area. Users click on the map to select the neighbourhood that they are interested in and the map sends them to the listings for that area.

The Decider provides restaurant and events listings for Chicago. Events are organised chronologically. When you find an event the venue is shown on a handy Google Map.

HikeCt plots hiking trails in Connecticut. The trails are plotted by GPS and then added to a Google Map. The map also includes parking locations and a few points of interest on certain trails.

Tour of California
Tour of California is a Google Map mash-up of bike rides in California. Each ride comes with a route profile, GPS satellite data, detailed ride description, and an elevation chart of the ride.

VisitPA, Pennsylvania's official tourism website, has recently undergone a redesign. As part of the redesign Google Maps have been used to show the locations of hotels and motels throughout the state. VisitPA also have a map showing over 10,000 attractions in the state.

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