Sunday, September 21, 2008

Google Maps Drop NavTeq

Google Maps are now only using TeleAtlas map data. Google Maps, the Google API and Google Maps for Mobile now all use the same underlying map data.

The only exception is Israel where Google still use GISrael in Google Maps and Leaddog in the Google Maps API.

Via: Mapperz & Blumenthals

GRB 080913 - A Blast from the Past

On September 13 the Swift Satellite recorded the electromagnetic radiation of a high-energy explosion that took place 12.8 billion years ago. This is the oldest and furthest gamma ray burst ever recorded, from when the universe was only 7% of its present age.

Ogle Earth has created a Google Earth KML file containing an image overlay of the burst. You can view the file in Google Earth or you can view it in the browser based Google Sky. To view the overlay in the browser version of Google Sky right click on the kml link, copy the link location and then paste the kml link into the search box of Google Sky.

Via: Ogle Earth

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