Monday, September 30, 2013

Creating a Road Map to a New Economy

The Solidarity Economy refers to activities and groups that foster the production and exchange of goods and services that reinforce values of justice, ecological sustainability and cooperation. Examples of organisations that could be defined as part of a Solidarity Economy include credit unions, worker cooperatives and community land trusts.

One key aspect of the Solidarity Economy is that it supports and helps the local community. One way to ensure that individual groups and organizations don't just work in isolation and actually support the Solidarity Economy of the community is by forging links between different organizations and groups.

I can't think of a better way to help raise awareness of a local Solidarity Economy and forge links between different groups than by mapping the organizations and groups working within a community.

In New York SolidarityNYC are doing exactly this. They have created a Google Map and a directory of organisations and groups that are working to foster relationships of mutual support and solidarity in New York City.

Similar efforts are being made in other areas. In Boulder the Boulder Sharing Economy has created a Google Map and directory of local groups and organizations that are part of the Solidarity Economy. In Boston Transformation Central have also created a Google Map of businesses and organizations within the Boston area actively participating in the solidarity economy.

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