Friday, September 27, 2013

It's Friday Fun Time

It's harvest time. So how better to welcome your reapers and gleaners than with a huge Dalek haystack. This wonderful creation was found on Google Maps by the guys at Google Sightseeing.

It could be time for a Street View battle. Someone needs to take control of the Street View TARDIS and fight back against this hay built threat to humanity.

UsvsTh3m have created a number of fun Street View games. Their new game seems designed to scare the living bejesus out of unfortunate Coulrophobia sufferers. Can You Spot the Northampton Clown? requires you to take to the streets of an English town on Google Maps Street View and track down a clown who is terrorizing the local inhabitants.

At last the world of online mapping has caught up with the internet's craze for fun animated GIF's. Leaflet Gifphy is an interactive map with map tiles made out of shark related animated gifs. This is exactly what the the world of online mapping has been missing.

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