Thursday, September 26, 2013

Make Your Own Geography Quiz

At QuizGeo you can play over 400 geography quizzes. Each quiz takes the format of a series of questions that require you to answer by selecting the correct location on a Google Map.

Once you register as a GeoQuiz user you can can create your own mapped based quiz. All you have to do to create your quiz is enter a series of questions and provide the answer for each question simply by drawing around the answer's location on the map.

It took me about 5 minutes to create this quiz about films with country names in their titles.

GeoGuessr has quickly become one of the most popular Google Maps geography games. You can now create your own Street View location guessing game using GeoSettr!

In this geography game you are shown a random Street View and must try and guess where in the world the Street View was taken. With the release of GeoSettr you can now create your own GeoGuessr game based on your favorite locations and Street Views.

Using GeoSettr you can create your own GeoGusser game of five questions. All you have to do is choose five locations on a Google Map. Once you have created your game you get a unique link, that you can then share with your friends.

Who doesn't like a good treasure hunt? Mission MapQuest lets you add as many questions (clues) and answers (locations) as you like to a Google Map in order to create your own virtual 'treasure hunt'. Players then have to solve your clues and zoom into the answer's location on the map. When the player answers correctly they will find a little golden coin at the location.

Mission MapQuest includes examples of treasure hunt games already created that you can play to get an idea of the format.

The Vasile Geopuzzle is a little different than the other geography game creation tools listed here, in that it requires you to know a little bit about the Google Maps API. The Vasile Geopuzzle is a Maps API library that provides a template for a Google Maps based geography puzzle. The template allows anyone to create a game in which players have to drag geographical areas onto their correct position on a Google Map.

The code for the Vasile Geopuzzle is available on GitHub and can be easily customised for any area in the world. To create your own puzzle with the code all you really need is the GeoJSON data for the polygons you wish to use.

Vasile has created a demo game using the code for Switzerland's Cantons. In the demo game players have to drag polygons of the Swiss cantons onto their correct location. A timer keeps track of how long it takes to compete the game and your current score is also displayed on the map.

The game makes effective use of Vasile's popular Masked Polygons library. The Masked Polygon library is used to define the boundary of the game. For example, in the Switzerland Cantons game Switzerland is highlighted on the map using the masked polygon library. Consequently players can clearly see the area of game-play on the map.

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