Monday, September 23, 2013

The Map Made By a Million Individuals

Over 1,300,000 people around the world have contributed to the collaborative OpenStreetMap project.

MapBox has released an OpenStreetMap Contributor Community Map that shows where these one million people have contributed to OpenStreetMap's map of the world. On the map each road segment is colored by the user who last made an edit to the road. The result is a fantastic jumble of a map that could almost be inspired by the art of the Russian painter Kadinsky.

Zoom in on the map and you can observe the patterns of individual mappers as they navigate their neighborhoods and at the same time contribute to OpenStreetMap's global mapping project.

OSMlab's Show Me The Way provides a real-time view of OpenStreetMap's dedicated contributors in action. Using satellite imagery from Bing Maps 'Show Me The Way' provides a captivating visualization of the ever improving OpenStreetMap project.

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