Friday, September 20, 2013

Cycle Routes with Elevation Profiles uses the Google Maps API Elevation Service to provide a great elevation profile of cycle routes.

Enter a starting point and a destination into (or just drag the two markers on the map to your required locations) and a suggested bike route is displayed on the map. The elevation profile of the route is displayed beneath the map.

The top five steepest climbs on the route are highlighted in the profile. You can mouse-over the elevation profile to view where these climbs are located on the map. If you select the 'climbs and visualization' tab in the map side-panel you can also view the distance and grade of the steepest climbs.

If you are looking for a bike route planner that can help you avoid those steep climbs then try Bikesy. Bikesy is a great bike routing application that gives you the option of finding the flattest, safest or fastest routes anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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