Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's Faster by Bike

Rental property search engine Find Properly has created an interesting map that compares biking and public transport travel times in London. The map demonstrates that for many journeys in the capital it is quicker to travel by bike than on London's public transport network (it's cheaper and better for the environment as well).

To work out where you can travel by bike quicker than using public transport just drop a pin on the Google Map and an isochrone will be calculated showing where it is quicker by bike (shown in green) and where it is faster by public transport (purple).

The journey travel times used in the map come from Transport for London's Journey Planner tool. I may be a particularly slow cyclist but I find that the Journey Planner is a little generous in its calculations on how long it takes to cycle. It usually takes me a little longer but I guess Bradley Wiggins would do the same journey much quicker. Therefore you may need to a do a little mental recalculation in your head when using this map, depending on your own cycling speed.

If you don't live in London the magnificent Mapnificent can show you how far you can travel on public transport in a set time for a large number of worldwide cities. Just drop a pin on your location and use the time slider control to set a number of minutes and Mapnificent will show you how far you can travel on public transit in that time.

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