Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Get Down with the Kids on Street View

Subfocus has devised an ingeneous way to promote his new album 'Torus' by creating an impressive Street View game. Subfocus - Torus invloves following a serious of map related clues to find 13 shiny tori hidden around the world.

When you find one of the hidden shapes you are rewarded not only with a neat 3d spinning torus superimposed on a Google Maps Street View of the location but you also get to listen to one of the tracks off the album.

Subfocus -Torus is obviously inspired by (and possibly developed by) the equally amazing Floating Shiny Knot.

Arcade Fire's Wilderness Downtown is another impressive musician inspired application involving Google Maps and Street View. The application mixes Street View images from around your location, music video and computer animation in multiple animated browser windows.

There is so much going on in Wilderness Downtown that it is a little hard to explain. It's far better to listen to and watch the application yourself.

Lykke Li is a Swedish artist whose album Wounded Rhymes was also promoted with a neat Street View app. Using the app you can follow Lykke Li's path to places of emotional significance in her life with Google Maps Street View and Google Earth. On your journey you also get the chance to listen to Li's songs.

To find Lykke Li's path in the promotion you need to follow the directions indicated by a compass rose in Google Maps Street View. The compass points in the direction that you have to travel and the distance to travel is given in metres. When you arrive at the specified destination, by navigating with the normal Street View controls, you are rewarded with the video of a song from Lykke Li.

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