Saturday, September 14, 2013

GTA 5 on Google Maps

Update: A better GTA V Map is now available.

Today I came across this GMap-JSlicer from GVG Maps. The GMap-JSlicer allows you to view an image using Google Maps, without have to do any pre-tiling or server-side work. GVG Maps has a number of video game maps created with the GMap-JSlicer including The Legend of Zelda, Jurassic Park, Metal Gear and Final Fantasy VI.

I wanted to try out the slicer myself to check if it was as easy as it claimed (it was!). With the release of GTA V and the recent leak of the GTA V map image there really wasn't much debate over which image I would try to map.

So here it is - the GTA V Google Map. It's just a shame that the image of the map isn't of great quality.

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