Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mapping the New York Mayoral Primaries

The Election Atlas is a Google Map designed to provide insight into the 2013 mayoral election in New York City.

The map visualizes the geographical vote share for all the Democratic mayoral candidates who have previously run for citywide office. For comparison and contrast, it also includes maps of recent gubernatorial and presidential elections.

The map provides an interesting overview of where in New York Bill de Biaso performed well in the Democratic primary and where he did not perform as well as the other Democratic nominees past and present.

Of all the major news organizations the New York Times consistently creates some of the best mapped visualizations. The Mayoral Primaries Map is no exception.

The map not only shows how each of the Democratic and Republican candidates have performed in each election district but allows you to view their performance within different demographics. In each election district you can view how each of the candidates performed in 'white areas', 'Hispanic areas', 'black areas', 'Asian areas', 'average income' and among 'homeowners'.

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