Friday, September 06, 2013

Google+ Photo Communities on Google Maps

Google Japan has released a new Google Maps based web app that showcases pictures submitted by photo communities on Google+. The new app, called Minchizu is actually a series of maps for a number of different Google+ communities.

There are Minchizu maps for 48 different Google+ communities, including ones for fans of Japanese castles and shrines and temples. To contribute a photo to any of the maps users have to join the relevant Google+ group and add the #Minchizu hashtag when they post their geotagged photo.

Photo sharing is one of the most successful areas in Google's social network and Minchizu is a great way to showcase the photos of Google+ communities. With Google's relentless push to establish Google+ I wouldn't be surprised to see Minchizu spread to other languages and countries.

Via: TNW

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