Friday, September 06, 2013

Tour Businesses on Google Maps

In the last month we've begun to see Google Maps API developers take advantage of Google Business Photos on Google Maps. Google's indoor Street View imagery of businesses is a great resource for businesses to promote themselves on Google Maps and for customers to take a tour of a business before they visit.

It is also a great resource for developers to provide users with a view of the inside of featured buildings and businesses.

Two maps, the Gallery of Virtual Tours and, are now providing galleries of Business Photos uploaded to Google Maps around the world. In Portland a syndicate of Google Trusted Photographers have also created their own gallery of business photos.

See Inside PDX is a great way to explore Portland businesses on Google Maps. Users of the map can browse the indoor Street Views of Portland by selecting the businesses directly from a Google Map. If you are feeling lucky you can select the 'random' option and be transported to the inside of a random business.

Is is also possible to search See Inside PDX by keyword. So, for example, if you fancy a meal out you can just search for 'restaurants' and preview the inside of all the listed restaurants to find the one that takes your fancy.

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