Monday, September 09, 2013

This is Where ...

I came across this Google Map called It Happened Here today. It took me a little while to work out what the hell it was but when my brain finally clicked into gear I was all like "Woah, what a brilliant idea".

When you first load the map you are shown a location overlaid with a poignant memory that some one has left on the map. Click on the map and the word 'Where?' appears. This is the signal for you to add your own memory to the map.

Now you just need to type in a location. The map will then move to that location and the word 'What?' appears on the map. Now you just need to type in your own location based message. What ever you type will automatically have "This is where" added to the beginning. So if you type "I fell in love" whenever someone is shown this location on the map the message "This is where I fell in love" will appear.

Unfortunately once you enter your own poignant memory the experience finishes. You will need to refresh the browser to visit a new location (and then you are prompted to add another message). The map would work better if after you have left a message you then got the opportunity to browse other messages that have been left at other locations.

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