Monday, September 02, 2013

Urban Development on OpenStreetMap

Over the last few days I've been rather obsessed with CitySDK's map showing the age of nearly 10 million buildings in the Netherlands. It is a great mapped visualization of a very large data set, which provides a great tool for exploring different patterns of urban development in Dutch towns.

Now I've found something better. The iBag Viewer is an interactive map of the same Dutch building age data set. In my opinion the choice of colors in the CitySDK map make it a much nicer map to look at, however the iBag Viewer includes two really handy controls; a date slide control and a map opacity control.

The date slider allows you to filter the results shown on the map by building age. You can therfore use the control to find out where all the oldest buildings are in any Dutch town. The map opacity control also allows you to adjust the opacity of the OpenStreetMap map tiles.

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