Thursday, September 05, 2013

Zionist Duck Arrested for Spying in Egypt

A few days ago the Egyptian police arrested a duck for being an undercover Israeli spy. Google Maps Mania can now reveal conclusive proof that the duck arrested by Egyptian authorities is in fact an Israeli spy stork.

After a few days of intensive interrogation the Egyptian police have not yet managed to get the duck to admit to spying for Israel but the duck has admitted that it is in fact a stork in disguise.

The Egyptian authorities have also managed to crack the stork's GPS system. The map of the spy duck's travels reveal that it tried to confuse the Egyptian authorities by setting out from Hungary. However if you playback the stork's flight path on you can clearly see that it stopped off in Israel on the 29th August.

With such damning evidence things are not looking good for spy duck.


A coconut has now been arrested in the Maldives for attempted vote rigging. On the face of it there appears to be little connection between the two cases, however, if we look a little more closely at a our satellite map, it appears that Spy Duck's original flight path would have clearly taken the undercover bird to the Maldives.

Google Maps now believes that there are actually two spy ducks. Spy Duck number one took a right turn over Syria to spy on Egypt. Spy Duck number two continued to the Maldives where it dropped off the said vote-rigging coconut.


Update 2:

The Guardian are reporting that Spy Duck has been released by the Egyptian authorities. However before you all start cheering - this tale has taken another extraordinary twist.

According to The Guardian after his release the stork flew to an island in the Nile where it was caught and eaten. To seasoned Spy Duck followers, such as myself, this reeks of a thinly veiled cover story. I suspect Spy Duck is alive and well and back on duty as an undercover agent for Mossad, the national intelligence agency of Israel.

Via: Egyptian Chronicles

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