Friday, September 20, 2013

Some Google Maps Friday Fun

The Association La Bifurk Skatepark in France has created some amazing Street View light paintings. If you take a virtual stroll around La Bifurk you'll discover a few other interesting Easter eggs in their Street View imagery.

Via: Google Sightseeing

The Philly Post has mapped out Rocky Balboa's training run montage in Rocky 2. In the montage Rocky is seen jogging throughout Philadelphia. The Philly Post were curious to find out how far Rocky actually ran in his little training run. The answer is over 30 miles.

In Los Angeles an abandoned dog has been rescued by Hope for Paws thanks to an eager eyed Google Maps user who spotted her looking lonely and forlorn on Street View. Hope For Paws’ employee Eldad Hagar even videoed the entire rescue effort.

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