Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Stalker's Guide to Twitter

Wired ran an interesting article today, looking at two Google Maps that can show your geotagged Tweets.

GeoSocial Footprint reminds me a little of Please Rob Me (which no longer seems to work) in that it takes a very dim view of people sharing their location on Twitter. Even if you disagree with the assumption that sharing your location on Twitter necessarily puts you at 'high risk' it is worth entering your Twitter name into GeoSocial Footprint to view a very nice heatmap of your travels.

Ready or Not, from the University of California, also seems to warn against sharing your location with Twitter. Again if you enter a Twitter (or Instagram) user name you can view a very nice heatmap of geotagged Tweets.

Ready or Not also includes a nice calendar feature which allows you to see where you were (or any other Twitter user was) at a particular date and time.


For the screenshots in this post I used the account of journalist Benji Lanyado. The heatmaps show Benji's journey for The Guardian's Twitter road trip from Chicago to Memphis.

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