Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Worldwide YouTube Map

The MIT Center for Civic Media has released a map that reveals some fascinating insights into how geography and culture influences our taste in YouTube videos.

What We Watch is a map that visualizes which YouTube videos are popular in different countries, what videos are popular in more than one country and which countries have similar tastes in YouTube videos.

Click on a country on the map and you can instantly see which videos are appearing in Google Trends for that country. You can even view the trending videos and try and work out why they are proving so popular.

Two tabs are available for each country. The 'Top Videos' tab displays which are the most trending videos in the selected country and the 'Unique Videos' tab shows videos that are only popular in that country, and not in other countries.

When you click on a country on the map you can also view a list of which other countries have a similar taste in YouTube videos. The 'strongest connections' lists reveals some surprising results. For example, the US seems to have similar tastes in YouTube videos to Germany and the Netherlands and not with near neighbors, Canada and Mexico.

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