Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Maps of the Week

I Bike Cph is a gorgeously designed bike routing map for Denmark. Using the application you can find the fastest bicycle routes throughout Denmark. The map even includes the option to find routes for cargo bikes, avoiding stairs and narrow passages.

I Bike CPH makes great use of OpenStreetMap data to include features useful for cyclists, such as cycle paths, traffic lights, bike stands and stairs.

The New York Times has published a crowd-sourced map to help New Yorkers discover locations in the city where it is possible to experience a few moments of peace. Finding the Quiet City shows over 800 suggestions submitted by the Times' readers.

As well as readers' suggestions the map contains links to 27 videos of quiet and secluded spots in New York City.

The Red, Blue and Purple: 2012 Presidential Election Map is a dot map of the 2012 US Presidential election.

The 12.6 million dots on this map show where Obama and Romney received the most votes. At the highest zoom level each dot represents 10 people. Users can click anywhere on the map to review the results at county level.

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