Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The 25 Best French Story Maps

Esri has announced the winners of the 2014 French Story Maps competition.

Esri's narrative mapping platform, Story Maps, combines maps with rich media content to tell the story of a place, event, issue, trend, or pattern in a geographic context. One of the huge advantages of Story Maps is the low entry barrier. You don't need to be a GIS specialist or a web developer to create a Story Map.

This low entry barrier has seen the popularity of Story Maps grow and grow. An example of this popularity is the 25 maps submitted to the 2015 French Story Maps competition.

The overall winner of the competition was the 10,000 Year Migration of Snails in Southern France. This Story Map explores the distribution of six different species of snails in Mediterranean France from the early Holocene period to the present day.

In second place was The Map of the Bourges Light Nights. Every summer the French city of Bourges creates a spectacularly lit night-time walk around some of the architectural heritage of Bourges.

The Map of the Bourges Light Nights plots the Night Lights trail and provides information about the important historical buildings that you can view on this walk about the city.

In third place was The World Tour of Geoglyphs. This map takes you on a tour of some of the world's most well known geoglyphs, allowing you to view the satellite imagery of each of the featured giant artistic land features.

You can view all 25 of these French Story Maps on the SIG 2014 website.

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