Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Find my Nearest Shark

On of the most useful Google Maps ever made has to be Where the F..k Should I Go for a Drink?. This little app provides the invaluable service of locating your nearest bar.

Unfortunately 'Where the F..K Should I Go for a Drink' has always been f..cking useless at finding your nearest shark. That's why the world has been crying out for How Far Am I From Sharks. Thanks to this handy new app you can now finally find your nearest shark on a Google Map.

If you still wake-up sweating every night from Jaws related nightmares then you can also use the map to find locations that are far away from sharks.

How Far Am I From Sharks is actually a clever promotional campaign from travelocity. If you click on any of the shark locations on the map you can click through to view the travelocity hotel listings for your selected location.

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