Thursday, January 29, 2015

White Water Street View Ride

You can now go white water rafting on Street View along the Yampa River in Dinosaur National Monument. My immediate thought was to create a Hyperlapse of the ride. Unfortunately Hyperlapse only seems to work for roads with Street View. So I had to create my own little Street View scroll down the river using the Google Maps API and Waypoints.js.

The result is White Water. Just scroll up and down the page to progress along the river. I added an overlay to the Street View so you can visualize where the next trigger point is, which loads the next Street View image in the sequence.

I quickly got bored of creating this so I gave up after 20 minutes. Therefore the ride is very short. However once you get to the bottom of the page it is worth scrolling back to the top again to see the same route from the other direction. You can also just click on the Google logo and explore the rest of the river on Google Maps.

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