Monday, January 05, 2015

Mapping 2014 D.C. Homicides

The Washington Post has published a map plotting all homicides in the D.C. region during 2014. Last year there were 207 homicides in the D.C., Virginia and Maryland jurisdictions., an increase of 9 victims on 2013.

The Tracking D.C. Area Homicides map reveals that there were 105 homicides in the D.C. jurisdiction, 76 in Maryland and 26 in Virginia. You can select either of the three jurisdictions on the map to view the locations of each homicide in the area.

When you select one of the jurisdictions on the map you can also see a breakdown of the homicides in the area beneath the map, revealing the number of homicides in each county, the race, sex & age of the victims and the manner of death.

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