Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snowmeggedon Maps

While the UK gets the impressive #uksnow Map I'm afraid the US has to put up with the unfortunate #Snowmeggedon2015 map. As with most of these animated Twitter maps this one doesn't reveal anything much, apart from the fact that a lot of people talk about stuff on Twitter.

The map animates through the locations of Tweets mentioning #Juno, #Snowmageddon2015, #Juno2015, #BlizzardOf2015 and #blizzard over the last few days. The only mildly interesting thing about the map is the number of people in the rest of the world apparently concerned about the weather in the USA.

This Esri Snowfall Forecast Map is more useful. This map visualizes the projected accumulation of snowfall across the US for the next couple of days. If you click on the play button you can watch as the projected accumulation of snow builds up over the next 36 hours.

The data for the map comes from the National Weather Service National Digital Forecast Database.

If you are affected by the blizzards in the US then the best thing to do is to snuggle up on the couch and browse through these pictures of the snow posted to the Boston Globe's Snapshots of the Blizzard map.

The Boston Globe's map is plotting photos and updates from its readers posted to Twitter and Facebook using #BOSnow or #blizzardof2015.

The Boston Globe has also mapped Snowfall Totals in Massachusetts and Power Outages in Massachusetts. The power outages map shows statewide outages caused by the blizzards. Boston.com also has a map showing the latest power outages in the state, Power Outages in Massachusetts.

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