Friday, January 30, 2015

Rabbie Burns' Tours of Scotland

The University of Glasgow has created a number of interactive maps to accompany the publication of the first volume of the new Oxford University Press Edition of 'The Works of Robert Burns'. The maps show the routes of Robert Burns’s tours in the Highlands and Borders of Scotland.

The Maps of Robert Burns’s Tours of the Highlands and Borders of Scotland use vintage map tiles of Scotland from the Map Collections division of the National Library of Scotland. Currently three of the interactive maps simply overlay the route of one of Burns's tours over an historic map of Scotland.

However the Robert Burns’s Tour of the Highlands, 25th August – 16th September 1787 map features an interactive route. In this interactive route map you can click on each of the way-points displayed on the map and read what Burns had to say about the places he visited during this tour of the Highlands.

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