Saturday, January 10, 2015

Travel the World on Google Maps

Air France has created a nice game which involves you travelling the world on Google Maps, solving geographical puzzles & completing challenges on your way. The competition deadline has passed so you can no longer win any prizes but you can still play the game for fun.

Traveling the World starts with a map of your nearest large city. Before you can start exploring the rest of the world you first need to solve one of a number of challenges. The little geographical puzzles & challenges come in a number of forms. One of my favorite challenges involves you having to navigate to a location on Street View against the clock.

After you have completed your first challenge successfully you can travel to another continent. Here you will find a whole host of other puzzles to complete. In each continent you can choose from a number of major cities and in each city there are four different challenges to meet.

The challenges include finding well known local neighborhoods on the map, searching for streets on Street View and recognizing some local landmarks. Before you can call yourself a true master of this game there are a lot of cities in 5 different continents to complete.

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