Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Berlin M29 Virtual Video Ride

Today I have been mainly exploring Berlin from the top deck of the M29 bus. I'm not actually in Berlin but thanks to the Berliner Morgenpost you can now take a virtual ride across Berlin following the route of the M29.

M29 - Berlins Buslinie der gro├čen Unterschiede features a transit-line route map of the M29. You can click on any stop on the M29 route to view a first person video clip of the journey to the next stop on the route.

The virtual video ride on its own is enough to pay a visit to this Berliner Morgenpost interactive. However the video is also accompanied by a detailed examination of the 16 kilometers of Berlin that the bus travels through on its journey.

Beneath the video you can explore a whole host of socio-economic statistics about the neighborhoods which the bus passes through. These include information on employment data, property prices, income statistics, the number of immigrants and voting patterns.

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