Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The Dr Who Street View Game

Ever since Google released Street View imagery of the inside of the Tardis I've been thinking about creating a little game where players could enter the Tardis and transport themselves to other locations around the world.

C Inside Media has had the same idea. Santa's Tangerine is an adventure game which involves you using Dr Who's Tardis to travel around the world in search of Santa's lost tangerines. Your objective is to use the Tardis to transport yourself to Scott's Hut in Antarctica. You then need to search the hut for the missing tangerines.

The game includes some neat touches, such as an audio guide & sound effects and an animated snow overlay on some of the Street View images. Unfortunately there also seem to be a few bugs. The geocoding element of the game doesn't work (and I'm not exactly sure why it is included as it seems irrelevant to the actual game).

Also when you exit the Tardis you don't always seem to be transported to Antarctica. If that happens I've found just reentering and exiting the Tardis seems to work in transporting you to Scott's hut.  

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