Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Love Maptually

Who wouldn't marry a man who can create a lovely map like this?

The Proposal is an animated story map recounting the courtship and relationship between Antin and Laura. As this animated map plays out we are taken through the first meeting of our future lovebirds, their first date, first kiss, first declaration of love and finally to Antin's proposal of marriage.

An animated polyline ties the whole map together as we follow Antin's movements over 392 days. The whole experience is enhanced through the addition of photos of Antin and Laura from their courtship & travels, some lovely map transitions between map styles, background music and the use of some page turning animations.

The Proposal doesn't have any background information about Antin and Laura. However a visit to the Google office in France and a picture of Antin in a Google shirt makes me suspect that Antin works for Google.

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