Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Giant 2015 Parisian Geoglyph

Ready for 2015 celebrated the start of 2015 by creating a giant geoglyph in Paris through the medium of jogging. Using RunKeeper 'Ready for 2015' has tracked out the figures '2015' on the streets of Paris. What's more they have also created a nice video map of the geoglyph's creation.

Press play on the geoglyph map and you can watch a video of the Ready for 2015 joggers as they trace out a route on Paris' streets. As the video plays the route is traced out on a Google Map, eventually tracing out the number '2015'.

You can create and add your own geoglyphs to the map by using the Runkeeper app and uploading the track of your route to Ready for 2015. It seems that someone has already spelled out the word 'Love' on the streets of Paris. Will you be the next one to add a word to the Ready for 2015 map?

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