Friday, January 30, 2015

Punk Mapping

London's Burning plots the origins of some of London's finest punk bands. It also allows you to listen to a song by each of the mapped bands.

This map has featured on Maps Mania before, but since then it has switched over to using Mapbox's Wheatpaste map tiles. The Wheatpaste map style was itself inspired by the cut & paste, collage style of music flyers & posters, popular with punk and new wave bands.

I've always liked the London's Burning map and this switch to the Wheatpaste map tiles seems entirely appropriate.

Razibus is a Leaflet.js map of upcoming Punk, Ska and Hardcore concerts and festivals in France. Alternative music fans can use the calendar in the side-bar to view upcoming gigs for any week, simply by clicking on a date on the calendar

If you select a marker on the map you can click through to view the event details and view the concert's flyer or poster. Razibus also contains an archive of alternative music gigs going back to 2007. It is therefore a great resource for anyone interested in alternative music in France or for those who love Punk poster and flyer art.

I have a theory that the makers of the Manchester Music Map set out to map the world's best rock bands. Then, after completing Manchester, realized that the job was done.

The four greatest rock bands of all time, The Buzzcocks, The Stone Roses, Joy Division and The Smiths all started their careers in the city of Manchester. After mapping Manchester the creators of the Manchester Music Map obviously decided that their work was done.

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