Friday, January 02, 2015

Mapillary - The Alternative to Street View

Mapillary, the crowd-sourced alternative to Street View, has recently added a few interesting options to filter the images shown on the Mapillary coverage map by the time of year when photos were taken.

Mapillary is a free to use and crowd-sourced alternative to Google Maps Street View (although the majority of Mapillary photos are not 360 degree panoramas like you find on Google Maps). The Mapillary map now includes a 'filter' option which allows you to filter the photo by season and to see where panoramic images are available.

Using the filter you can now select to see only photos taken in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. You also have the option to filter the photos by your own date range. Another recent filter option is to show the location of panoramas on the map.

Back in September Mapillary added support for adding panoramas to the map. If you select the 'panorama' option in the filters tab you can see the location of available panoramas on the map, indicted by purple map markers.

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