Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Hart Island Mass Burial Map

The Hart Island Project is a great website with an interesting interactive map. New York's City Cemetery on Hart Island is used to bury unidentified and unclaimed bodies. One million people have been buried on Hart Island. No one is allowed to visit the graves.

The Hart Island Project has been established to provide an online database of people buried on the island since 1980 and provide a map of their grave locations. If you search for a buried individual on the Hart Island Project you can view details about the position of the grave, the date of burial and, if you knew the deceased, you can add information about their life and your memories.

Unfortunately the custom created satellite map is a little difficult to use. The animated clouds are a nice touch but the mouse interaction is crazy. Unlike most digital maps you don't need to click and drag to pan around the Hart Island map. On the Hart Island Project the map pans every time you move your mouse. This is a little tricky and makes clicking on one of the grave markers more like a shooting game than a simple navigational choice.

Troubles with the map aside, the Hart Island Project is a great website, providing information on the fascinating history of the island, the island's cemetery and the unfortunate people buried there.

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