Friday, January 30, 2015

Mapping Space & TIme

I love the New York Public Library Digital Collection and its Map Warper project. The library's new project NYC Space/Time Directory sounds even more impressive.

Recently, while spending a lot of time exploring the library's historical map collection and vintage photographs of New York (during the making of New York Vintage Maps) I started thinking about what other historical records I could add to the map. I began formulating the idea of a comprehensive map timeline exploring the history of New York. The only problem is I have neither the time nor the resources to undertake such a huge project.

I was therefore over the moon when I heard today of the launch of the NYC Space / Time Directory. The library are calling the project 'a digital time-travel service for New York City' using historical maps, photographs, newspapers, business directories, literary references, census data, and much more. The library says it will be 'a searchable atlas of New York City's past stitched together from the pages of old maps. (Think Google Maps, with a time slider)'.

The project will start this year. For now the library are asking for anyone who might like to help to get in touch. To create the project they want to hear from interested data partners, developers & data wranglers and advisors.

The launch page for the NYC Space/Time Directory also makes great use of Mauricio Giraldo Arteaga's ScrollNYC. As you scroll down the project's launch page a series of static vintage maps of New York appear in reverse chronological order.

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