Thursday, January 01, 2015

Mapping the Anti-ISIS Mission Creep

The New York Times has created a mapped visualization of the American led air campaign against ISIS during 2014. What started as a limited campaign in August grew as the year progressed and President Obama began to drop references to 'limited' and 'targeted' strikes and instead talked about the plan to 'ultimately destroy' ISIS.

How the Air Campaign Against ISIS Grew uses D3.js to show the location and the number of air strikes against the Islamic States for each day during the later half of 2014. You can use the next and back buttons to progress through the year. As you progress through the year the New York Times provides an explanation of the aims of each stage of the air strikes against ISIS targets.

A chart shows the number of strikes during each day and circles on the map show the number of strikes at the different locations in Iraq and Syria.    

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