Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Easy Story Maps with Mapme

You can now easily create your own story maps with Mapme. Mapme's Google Maps based creation tool is great way to create your own free maps without having to do any coding. Mapme Stories is a new feature which allows you to quickly and easily make your own scroll-driven stories with maps.

Scroll driven maps are a great way to create a story about a location, spatial data, an historical event or wherever your imagination wants to take you. On Monday I posted about a new story map that I created over the weekend looking at the story behind Robert Baker's 1832 'Sanitary Map of the Town of Leeds'.

To create this story map I used the Leaflet mapping platform in conjunction with jQuery. To produce something similar on your own you would need to be familiar with JavaScript and have a working knowledge of Leaflet and jQuery.

Or you could just use Mapme Stories. Check out the embedded demo Mapme Story map on this review of vegan restaurants in Berlin. Notice how as you as you scroll through the restaurant reviews the map automatically pans and highlights the reviewed restaurant on the map.

If you want to make your own Mapme Story then just create a free account or connect to Mapme with a Facebook account.

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