Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The New York Heatmap of Rock

The alternative music scene in London is centered around Camden. However, if Hip Hop is more your sort of thing, you should head over to Shoreditch or Islington.

Garage fans in New York need to get themselves to Brooklyn, while Jazz fans might want to have a wander around Hell's Kitchen.

If none of these music genres float your boat then you can always have a search for other musical genre hot-spots on these two live music heatmaps from Gigbloc.

The New York Live Music Heatmap and the London Live Music Heatmap both use data from Gigbloc's live music listings to highlight hot-spots for different live music genres. With both maps you just need to select your musical genre of choice (there's a huge list to choose from) and you can view heatmaps showing you where live music for your selected genre is most concentrated in your city.

If you actually want to find a live gig to attend then you can always use Gigbloc's live music events map. Using Gigbloc you can search for live music events in a number of cities around the world.

The maps include a calendar control which allows you to search for concerts by date. If you select a venue from the map you can find out which artist(s) are playing and you can even listen to a sample song from the artist(s) directly from the map. If the gig appeals to you then you just need to click-through to book tickets for the event.

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