Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Whistle Up the Wind

Project Ukko is a beautiful new mapped visualization of seasonal wind predictions. The map is a visual interface which provides industry, energy traders, wind farm managers and others with a way to access predictions about future wind conditions.

On the map you can drill down to view regional wind forecasts at a detailed level. The line symbols on the map represent predicted wind speed through line thickness and the predicted wind speed via the tilt and color of the line. The more tilted the lines then the stronger the predicted indication of significant changes in wind speed.

Click on a line on the map and you can view information on the historical seasonal average wind speeds for the last thirty years in that region. A graph is also available showing the results of 51 simulations run to provide the seasonal wind prediction at this location. The 'Skill' percentage shows how well the prediction system has performed in this region in the past.

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