Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Nuke Your Town

Have you ever felt like dropping a nuclear bomb on your hometown? Well don't!

However you are allowed to use these maps to find out what the consequences of a nuclear strike would mean for your town.

The Hiroshima Game (urgh!) lets you select any location in the world and view the likely devastation caused. After you drop the virtual bomb on a location you can view the damage caused via a number of round circles placed on the map. These colored circles show you the areas which would be completely destroyed and the areas which would suffer descending levels of damage.

NUKEMAP is another nuclear bomb effects calculator which uses the Google Maps API. The calculator allows the user to select a location on Google Maps and view the likely effects of a nuclear bomb on the surrounding area.

The calculator includes a number of features, including polygons showing the extent of the likely fireball, radiation fallout and air blast. The map also allows the user to determine the size of bomb to drop or select from a number of historical nuclear bombs.

Would I Survive a Nuke? is another little Google Maps application that allows you to see the likely effect of a nuclear bomb falling on any location.The application allows you to select a location, the size of the bomb and view the likely effects of the bomb striking at your chosen location.

Ground Zero II is a similar application that includes more bomb choices and also includes a wind direction selector that will show you the likely fallout area of a nuclear bomb striking at a particular location.

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