Monday, February 15, 2016

India's Real-Time News Map

Rediff Labs create a lot of interactive maps of Indian data. Some of their more interesting recent maps include a map of rainfall during the 2015 Monsoon, a real-time map of Air Pollution in Delhi and a map of reported Crimes Against Women.

One of Rediff Labs' most popular maps is their real-time Breaking News Map. This map plots real-time news from all over India as it happens. The initial map view shows headlines in major Indian cities. If you zoom in on the map you can view more local news stories from the selected location.

If you select one of the small news windows which appear on the map you can view all the news stories from your chosen location, presented in reverse chronological order (the most recent news appearing first). The Breaking News Map also allows you to add your own local news to the map (with a 140 character limit). Users of the map can choose whether they want to view these user submitted stories or not.

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